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DMIT Course : Level 1 with 6 Modules

1.Fundamentals of Dermatoglyphics & Multiple Intelligence
2.Brain Structures and Lobe Functions
3.Fingerprints and Brain Lobes Correlations
4.Types of Fingerprints Patterns & Personality Types
5.Types of Learning and Acquiring Styles
6 Understanding Neuron Distribution & Functions

DMIT Course : Level 2 with 6 Modules

7.Theory of Multiple intelligence (Howard Gardner M.I. Theory)
8.Advanced Fingerprint Analysis
9.Types of Personal Quotients (IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ,SQ)
10.Interpretation of DMIT Report and Counselling
11.Career Counselling based on MI Composition Ratio.
12.Effective Counselling Techniques & Guidelines

What You will Learn In This Online DMIT Course

Fundamentals of Dermatoglyphics & Multiple Intelligence

  • What is Dermatoglyphics?
  • What is Intelligence?
  • Types of Multiple Intelligence
  • How Dermatoglyphics Works?
  • Fingerprints & Dermatoglyphics
  • Fingerprints Vs Astrology

Brain Structures and Lobe Functions

  • Human Brain and their Functions
  • Brain lobes and functions.
  • Types of Brain Lobes
  • Importance of left and right brain
  • Integration of Brain Lobes
  • Understanding Fingerprints & Brain

Fingerprints and Brain Lobes Correlations

  • Fundamentals of fingerprints
  • When do Fingerprints Form?
  • Fingerprints and Brain Developments
  • How Fingerprints are correlated with Brain.
  • Basics of Fingerprints Formation
  • Case study on Fingerprints and Brain

Fingerprints Patterns & Personality Types

  • What is Fingerprint Patterns?
  • Types of Fingerprints Patterns
  • Types of Personality & character trait
  • Personality and character development
  • Each Personality Strength & Weakness
  • Importance of Primary & Secondary Personality

Types of Learning and Acquiring Styles

  • How we learn & understand?
  • Understanding types of Learning Methods
  • Understanding types of Acquiring Styles
  • Understanding VAK Strategies.
  • Understanding Low, Medium & High Memory
  • Low Memory Learning Methods.

Brain Neuron Distribution & Attributes

  • Left & Right Brain Neuron Distributions
  • Understanding Brain Actions Attributes
  • Understanding Brain Thinking Attributes
  • Understanding Brain Auditory Attributes
  • Understanding Brain Visual Attributes
  • Brain Fine Motor & Gross Motor Attributes

Theory of Multiple intelligence (Howard Gardner M.I. Theory)

  • What is multiple intelligence?
  • In-depth Study of 8 Multiple intelligence
  • Multiple Intelligence & Fingerprints Co-Relations
  • Understanding MI Composition Ratio
  • Inborn Potentials & Abilities based on MI Theory
  • Multiple intelligence & Preferred Learning style

Advanced Fingerprints Analysis

  • In-depth Study of different Fingerprint Patterns
  • How to analyze Fingerprints Properly
  • Advanced Fingerprints Analysis Methods
  • Methods of Fingerprints Ridge Count.
  • Importance of LTRC, RTRC & TFRC
  • Case Study of Fingerprints Analysis

Types of Personal Quotients (IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ, SQ)

  • Personal Quotients & Attributes
  • IQ: Intelligence Quotient & Attributes
  • EQ: Emotional Quotient & Attributes
  • AQ: Adversity Quotient & Attributes
  • CQ: Creative Quotient & Attributes
  • SQ: Spiritual Quotient & Attributes

Interpretation of DMIT Report and Counselling

  • Understanding DMIT Report & Values
  • Age Group 3-10 Years Report Counselling Skills
  • Age Group 11-17 Years Report Counselling Skills
  • Age Group 18-30 Years Report Counselling Skills
  • Age Group 30 & Above Years Report Counselling
  • DMIT Counselling Methods for Employees

Career Guidance based on MI Composition Ratio.

  • Understanding MI Composition Ratio
  • Career Guidance Based MI Composition Ratio
  • Career Counselling Based on Personality Type
  • Career Guidance based on 3I Composition
  • Career Counselling based on 2I Composition
  • Career Guidance based on Multi Composition

Effective Counselling Techniques & Guidelines

  • Effective Counseling Skills & Methods
  • Value based Counselling Methods
  • Parenting Counselling Techniques & Guidelines
  • Ecology Counselling Guidelines
  • Counselling Skills based on Age Group
  • Practice Case Study & Assignments

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