Q. what you teach in DMIT Training, Could you explain What Topics  Which you cover in DMIT  Online Training Program.?

AnsOur DMIT Training Program Divided Into 8 Modules  

  1. Introduction to Dermatoglyphics & multiple intelligence Test
  2. Brain Structures and Lobe Functions
  3. Fingerprints and Brain Lobes Correlations
  4. Understanding Types of Fingerprints Patterns & Personality Types
  5. Theory of Multiple intelligence (Howard Gardner M.I. Theory)
  6. Understanding Advanced Fingerprints Analysis
  7. Understanding Learning and Acquiring Styles, Personality types & Quotients (IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ)
  8. Interpretation of DMIT Report and Counselling Guidelines

DMIT Training Fingerprints Analysis online Training India, DMIT Lab Provides a comprehensive online training module aims to deliver complete DMIT training through an audio Video presentation